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The Gender Data Blog series is written in English and published quasi-monthly. The majority of blogs are translated into Spanish and some even into French, Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, and Indonesian.
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Three ways to tackle gender data gaps – and 12 countries embracing the challenge
Familiarize yourself with the Strengthening Gender Statistics project working with NSOs to close data gaps in data production, analysis, and dissemination.
February, 2022Anna Tabitha Bonfert, Talip Kilic, Heather Moylan, Miriam Muller
Global crisis of violence against women and girls: tackling it with new, better data use
Explore the impacts of COVID-19 on gender-based violence (GBV) services and how data can shape narratives to inform policy and investments in GBV services.
January, 2022Hana Brixi, Haishan Fu, Juan Pablo Uribe
Why we need more sex-disaggregated social protection data and what we’re doing to get there
Understand the limitations and improvements to capturing individual-level and sex-disaggregated social protection data.
November, 2021Alessandra Heineman, Vikesh Mahboobani Martinez, Claudia Rodriguez Alas
Just published! A practical guide for measuring labor in household surveys
Read the latest guidance on how to integrate the international standards (19th ICLS) for measuring employment and work in labor modules of household surveys.
October, 2021Valentina Costa, Josefine Durazo, Amparo Palacios-Lopez, Isis Gaddis, Giulia Altomare
Advancing gender equality through intra-household survey data collection on asset ownership and labor
Dive into the results from various LSMS+ reports on the gender differences in asset ownership and labor market outcomes.
June, 2021Ardina Hasanbasri, Talip Kilic, Gayatri Koolwal, Heather Moylan
Building gender aware data systems is critical to create a level playing field for women and girls
Read how the principles outlined in the World Development Report 2021- Data for Better Lives can be used to improve gaps in gender data.
May, 2021Malarvizhi Veerappan and Talip Kilic