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COVID-19 Gender Data Resources

Collecting data under COVID-19 poses challenges to national statistics offices and other stakeholders. Yet, such data are critical for informing policies and programs to offset the impact of the crisis.  Gender data is one critical domain for understanding impacts. This crisis is having gender-differentiated impacts across a range of sectors. See World Bank collection of relevant gender materials.

This page features selected data collected during the COVID-19 pandemic, which reveal the impacts of COVID-19 on males and females. It also includes data tools that are available for data collection efforts during the pandemic. It focuses on quantitative household and firm survey efforts in low- and middle-income economy contexts. It is not meant to be exhaustive. This website is regularly updated as new material becomes available.

Results from World Bank surveys on gender-differentiated impacts of COVID-19

The World Bank is conducting high-frequency surveys for households and firms in over 100 economies to track the response to and socio-economic impacts of COVID-19. Reports that identify gender-differentiated impacts from the results will be linked below as they become available.

Discover the gender-differentiated impacts of COVID-19 per economy

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Additional sources for national statistics on gender-differentiated impacts of COVID-19