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The World Bank's Gender Data Portal makes the latest gender statistics accessible through compelling narratives and data visualizations to improve the understanding of gender data and facilitate analyses that inform policy choices.

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Economies and Regions

Economies and Regions

Get an overview of an economy’s or region’s gender landscape through 14 visualized indicators. Download and share the economy profile as a PDF.


Familiarize yourself with key indicators and content for specific topics. Browse the full list of indicators per topic.
Data Availability

Data Availability

Explore availability of gender data for a given economy or indicator. Read about how the World Bank is filling gender data gaps.

Data Exploration Tool

To dive deeper into a particular indicator, use the data exploration tool to explore, download, and share data and visualizations for 1000+ indicators in five views – map, line, bar, scatterplot, data table. Below is a preview of the tool using an example indicator. Use the search bar to explore a different indicator.


Explore our featured data stories, resources, economies, and topics. This section is updated on a rotating basis to highlight the most relevant information for users related to international days and current events.

World Bank Group Gender Strategy 2024-2030

Learn all about the new WBG Gender Strategy 2024-30 which puts forward the bold ambition to accelerate gender equality to end poverty on a livable planet.

Progress on girls’ education

Explore where girls have been catching up on educational opportunities and what challenges remain for both boys and girls.

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The Gender Data Portal is more than just a database of sex-disaggregated data and gender statistics. Browse data tips and free training and courses on the Help page. Explore data availability, toolkits, and resources using the links to the right.

Filling Gender Data Gaps

Learn about which indicators and economies have the least data coverage and the World Bank’s efforts to fill data gaps in gender data measurement and collection.

More Gender Data Resources

Access guidelines to collecting sex-disaggregated data, lists of gender data portals and national statistical offices with gender sites, gender-related datasets, and visualizations among other resources.